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On 7th April 2003 Geraud Markets (UK) Ltd entered into an agreement with Liverpool City Council to establish the joint venture company Geraud Markets Liverpool Ltd (GMLL). This exciting and innovative Strategic Service Partnership (SSP) was tasked with the responsibility of managing and developing the city council’s markets service.


Geraud Markets Liverpool Ltd is the largest and most successful example within the UK of a Public Private Sector Management Partnership of local authority markets. GMLL in partnership with Liverpool City Council now runs over 1,200 regular market days each year. In addition to this there are over 100 Speciality Event Market days, providing residents and tourists with access to excellent choice, value and quality. Please see below for information regarding the markets operated between Geraud Markets Liverpool Ltd and Liverpool City Council:

Broadway (Indoor): Monday – Saturday

Broad Lane, L11 1JB

Garston: Friday

Speke Road, L19 2PA
Great Homer St: Saturday

Great Homer Street, L5 3LO

Monument Place: Thursday, Friday & Saturday

London Road, L3 8JA
St Johns' (Indoor): Monday – Saturday

L1 1NP
Tuebrook:Thursday & Saturday

Dorset House, West Derby Road, L6 4BR

Farmers Markets:

Prescot Farmers' Market - 1st Saturday of every month
High Street, L34 6HG
University Square Farmers' Market -
2nd Thursday of
every month - Mount Pleasant, L3 5TX
Woolton Farmers' Market
- 2nd Saturday of every month
Allerton Road, Woolton, L25 7RE
Lark Lane Farmers' Market - 4th Saturday of every month
Lark Lane, Aigburth, L17 9PF

West Derby Farmers' Market - 1st Saturday of every month
1 Mill Lane, West Derby Village, L12 5HJ

Further details on the above markets can also be found at:

Geraud Markets Liverpool Ltd’s partnership ethos and objectives are underpinned by a challenging and ambitious vision for the City Council’s market service that is governed by the following mission statement and principal strategic objectives:-

GMLL Mission Statement
“To achieve the renaissance of the City’s markets, restoring them to their former prominence in social, cultural and economic life through a wide range of shopping and trading opportunities, offering quality and choice to the local community and visitors to the city.”

Creation and Management of GMLL
The initial focus of the partnership was to ensure the successful service transfer from the City Council to the newly established company, ensuring service continuity and addressing the ongoing financial difficulties that had characterised the existing service for many years.

As part of the business planning process, the partnership developed its initial business plan with the principle aims to expand and improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the service delivery in the City of Liverpool’s markets.

An essential element of the business planning process was to agree a service improvement action plan that would assist the partnership in monitoring performance and achievements against each of the objectives.

The plan is used as a key management tool to assist GMLL in making the step change required to deliver the future vision for the markets service. The plan encompasses all aspects of the partnership’s management including: Finance, Human Resources, Service Delivery, Innovation, Sustainability, Investment, Communication and Performance.

The prime Aims & Objectives of the plan are detailed below: -

Continually improving quality services to stakeholders through a vibrant, modern and profitable alternative retail shopping experience

Satisfying the needs and expectations of all stakeholders

Increasing accessibility to markets

Contributing to the health and well-being of the community

Treating all stakeholders with equal respect

Complementing the city’s retail and shopping strategies

Contributing to the city’s environmental, regeneration and business development strategies

Developing responsive and responsible staff through support, training and development

Continually improving markets to deliver best value

Raising the profile of the Market's Service